About Us

How Was Goldie's BBQ Started?

Moving from Houston Texas in 1979, We couldn't find a restaurant that served the kind of BBQ we were use to, so we cooked at home. Our friends and family were impressed with the quality. "My wife is a pretty good cook and people told her 'you could sell this!'" . "So we started thinking and praying about it and God opened some doors for us". At first, we sold BBQ from a food cart part time on summer weekends. As the Business grew, we got a larger trailer and moved to a busier intersection. Several years later we moved our operations into a Shell gas station. Then our current space became available. "I was scared at first, we hadn't had a lot of overhead up to that time, It was a step of faith...but it has worked out". Since then, the restaurant has expanded to include both sides of the building and now employs multiple generations of Bibens' family including my sister-in-law, nephew, nieces, sons, daughter, grandsons, granddaughters-and my wife, who won the Chili Cook-off at Esther Short Park two years running. She also makes a mean Gumbo. Our success centers around the quality of the food, the atmosphere and the people he has working for us. "We all like people. We're outgoing and engage with the customers and make them feel at home. I like meeting people. When you like it, people know it's genuine." Besides good food and service, Goldie's also offers a unique ambiance. When customers walk in they notice the boxing memorabilia; I was an amateur boxer in Houston in my younger years. Customers have given me items, such as the big pictures of Sugar Ray and Mohammed Ali displayed prominently. Another theme of Goldie's is the support of first responders. One of my sons is an officer with the Vancouver Police Department. You can often find students from nearby by military training facility and Camp Bonneville having lunch or dinner. The walls sport many first-responders team, patches and photos. Most recent addition is a shot of Gresham's SWAT team with me and their truck in front of the restaurant. "We love the first responders, pray for them and want to do anything we can to help them." Although business has been good it is not without it's challenges. Perhaps the biggest one was finding meat at a whole sale price. Since we're just one restaurant, not a food chain or a franchise, most suppliers do not offer a price break. As a result, I find it difficult to compete on a price basis with, for example, Appleby's. Although I would like to sell local, grass fed beef, I couldn't pass the resulting cost on to the customers. But I always in searching of solutions. "I ask people what they do...and if they have anything to do with food, I try to talk to them about sourcing!" Advertising, too, is expensive. Although the restaurant has been in its current location for seven years, the periodic moves have caused some customers to think he's gone out of business. "We still get people who come in and say 'I didn't know you were still around!" We support many events at Union HighSchool, as well as Mountain View, Evergreen and Heritage. Examples include selling sandwiches at dance competitions and school bazaars, sponsoring and fundraising for the rugby team and supporting t=Little League Baseball, Football, Basketball and bands. In fact, I recently purchased a mobile coffee shop, which i intend to overhaul and use at events. That is just one way in which I hope to grow the business. Eventually, I would like to open a franchise, or establish four or five courts in areas such as Battle Ground, Portland and Salmon Creek. "We are running a radio ad, and the recent opening of the Walmart nearby, has drawn more customers but the fluctuating prices and continual expenses make it hard to save. "We've got plans, but getting the funds is the problem." Whether growth comes slowly or more quickly, the most important thing is to stay true to my beliefs while running the best restaurant I can. "That's my main thing- honoring God and helping my fellow man, I have to do what's in my heart."

Learn About Our Staff!

Goldie's BBQ is a family ran restaurant. All the way to sister in laws, down to grandsons and granddaughters. A truly family oriented establishment that welcomes all to even extend that family. We are very friendly and love to engage with our customers and getting to know one another. When you stop by don't hesitate to say hi and be welcomed in the Goldie's family! 

What's unique about our food?

Our BBQ captures that southern soul that is only found in Texas and Louisiana. Our meats are slow smoked for hours to really get that smoke flavor and the ribs that are fall of the bone tender! Our ingredients all the way down to the sauce and Dry rub we use for the meats are Texas Home Style. The Best place to taste southern Food!

Buisness hours

Monday-Thursday (11am-8pm)

Friday & Saturday (11am-9pm)

Sunday (Closed)